The world is facing many challenges in this Era, most important of them is Environment challenge. Climate disasters and its catastrophic consequences indicate that climate change is evident. The last decade witnessed the highest recorded temperature, increased rainfall, cyclones, storms and the effect of wars on the environment through air, land and water pollution resulting in the rise in sea level due to polar ice meltdown. Burning of fossil fuel causes an increased emission of polluting and poisonous gasses in to the atmosphere; most importantly, Carbon dioxide released in the air, is absorbed by the earth and the oceans and this has weakened the Earths ability for future sustainability. Human activity is one of the prime causes which effect the environment directly or indirectly for short, intermediate, or long periods and in this regard our main concern is to reach out and assist in various ways. Therefore, we ought not to give a blind eye and let the future control us, instead we should control it.

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